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2016: the best year yet

i don't even know where to begin writing this -- does anyone really? how do you recap an entire year, without writing a full-out essay or including enough images to fill a small coffee table book? i'll try to keep this succinct; i've had about 3 cups of coffee by now though, so that'll probably help.

2016: MY WORK. 

pushed through a creative rut, the biggest in my life, to come out the other side refreshed, relieved, and ready to build. redesigned my site and entire brand in a way that is true to myself and my values. had the most incredible humans in front of my camera, and saw my work grow and change as i shot more and more. figured (still figuring) out how to balance life as a full-time college student and still giving my all to my clients and photography, a hard but incredible growing experience. learned to love shooting in direct light and to not be afraid of taking a moment to move people and objects in that light to play around with the final image. pushed myself to try both indoor and outdoor locations, a lot of which included coffee shops from Baltimore to DC and back again. 


first of all, the support of my family and closest childhood friends who (cheesy as it sounds) are truly nonstop with encouragement, love, and help. i would not be where i am today without the endless hours of business-advice phone calls with my father, the afternoons of silent-and-much-needed coffee dates with my mother, the excited conversations with my best friends even just through skype.
allllll of the coffee-and-sweetgreen dates with erin krespan, who i met in 2015 but who has stuck with me through all of my sarcasm and inability to reply promptly to texts and who made 2016 one of the most unforgettable years yet. skype and dc dates with the latte-and-taco-loving ellie berry, who has honestly been one of the most influential people in my life and who never ceases to amaze me with her capacity for love, grace, and support. sarah from fifty two thursdays, whose drive, passion, and work ethic always inspires me as i've watched her grow her business and chase after her dreams, and to whom i am incredibly grateful for all of the opportunities for creativity and unique shoots we've come up with in working together over the past year. and all of the amazing photographers and creatives i've connected with in the Baltimore-DC area, who have formed the most supportive web i have ever been a part of on social media and to whom i owe the majority of my motivation and inspiration.






and to the amazing humans in front of my camera: to everyone whose portraits i've taken, to the couples who have trusted me with documenting their wedding days, to the brands i've styled photos for and the beautiful people celebrating their engagement in front of my camera. thank you, not only for giving me the opportunity to photograph you as you are, but also for being the best dang "clients" a photographer could ever ask for. 

here's to 2017: a year full of shoots i'm already stoked for, of weddings i'm counting down the days until, and of all the coffee dates and food exploring to be done in two of my favorite cities on earth. CHEERS.