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alex | fells point, baltimore portraits

alex and i finally met up after going to the same high school (a year apart) for years. she reached out to me to get coffee last december, and i am so freaking glad she did. this girl, beyond being insanely beautiful, is truly one of the most driven, passionate, and hardworking humans i've ever met.

she's a hella talented photographer, but beyond that, she works two jobs, 7 days a week, and takes classes at the same time, with one goal in mind: moving back to California in the spring, living and working there and photographing every single day. that first day at Ceremony Coffee (my favorite), I'm pretty sure my jaw was hanging as I listened to how fearlessly she's pursuing her dreams.

she's got 3 weeks left until the big move, and when we met up again last week she kept saying she couldn't believe it was real. i'm still blown away by her spirit and every time we've hung out I walk away crazy inspired. thankfully i forced her in front of my camera as we walked around Fells Point in Baltimore a couple months ago, because I am obsessed with this set and it was the only time i got to photograph her before my inevitable trip out west in the future.