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allie + jimmy | baltimore, md wedding

ooohh boy, okay, well i don't even know where to begin.

it's hard to put into words how i feel about being able to document this day and this couple and these people. allie and jimmy got married in the absolutely beautiful 2640 Space on St. Paul's Street in Baltimore and seemed to float through the day on a cloud of happiness and excitement that rubbed off on literally everyone and anyone, guests or just passersby.

not only their amazing wedding in my home city, but i quickly learned that allie + jimmy + every single person come to see them get hitched would become some of my favorite people on this planet. they're just so freakin' cool. 

things to look out for in these images to prove that to you: the invitations; allie's dress (and shoes and bouquet and everything ugh); jimmy's non-stop grin; their hilarious bridal party; the venue and how they decorated it (heart eyes all the way); allllll the dancing... i could go on forever. but most importantly, they laughed at my jokes. SCORE.

allie and jimmy, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for letting me in on such a special, hilarious, awesome, laid-back, aesthetically-pleasing-as-hell, fun- and love-filled day.

feel free to laugh and cry and grin your way through this one, because i certainly did.