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chris + victoria | ocean city, nj wedding

i've stared at my keyboard for a solid five minutes trying to figure out how i can put into words what shooting and being at this Ocean City wedding meant to me. i don't really know what to say.

i have known chris and his family my entire life and since the beginning he has been one of my role models. he is kind, hilarious, open, caring, gracious, and fun as heck -- and i couldn't believe that he had found someone who matched every single one of those traits when i met victoria. they were absolutely made for each other. not only are their families incredibly dear to me, but this couple is going to (and quite frankly already have) changed lives with their kindness.

every single time i go through these photos i almost cry (and y'all, i DO NOT cry, like ever) -- it is so incredibly humbling to have been there to document their wedding day. everyone was just so HAPPY, the.entire.day. and not to mention their PARTY of a reception at Seaview Hotel; i can't help but grin stupidly when i see the energy and joy in these dancing photos!

i know this is much more of a sentimental post than i'm known for (sarcasm returning shortly, don't worry) but from the bottom of my heart, chris and victoria and families and guests -- thank you for letting me be a part of such a beautiful, happy, celebratory, love-filled day. i'd shoot this wedding over and over again for the rest of my life if i could.

props if you've read all of this -- now SCROLL and i bet you'll have a smile from cheek to cheek by the time you're done. :)