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julien at breather | washington, dc portraits

i met julien through the one and only erin krespan (does she even need an introduction?) and y'all, this lady is one of the sweetest, kindest, most genuine humans i've ever met. i'd already heard alllllll of the amazing things about julien through erin by the time we (finally) met last month (finally), but getting to experience her bubbly, relaxed, caring personality in person was such a treat. not only is she hella stylish and insanely beautiful (see below images for proof), but she's one to put you at ease from the moment she smiles at you.

erin and julien got wind of a new Breather space opening up in Dupont Circle, Washington DC and immediately we all planned a shoot. and i was in heaven. the light and simplicity and ***white walls*** of the Breather coworking rooms are SO ridiculously inspiring and i love what we created. 

plus, julien freakin' blew me away with how easy and fun she was to photograph! i'd open my mouth to give a suggestion but close it right away because she was already there. julien, you are a dream of a woman (and have a gorgeous face), and i absolutely cannot wait for all of the pizza dates in our future!

PS: stay tuned for part 2 coming soon, because i've got a bunch of images of erin herself coming your way ;)