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kallie | frederick, md fitness

you know those people you look up to on social media and have been following for what feels like your entire life? and you know they live around you but you're kind of nervous about asking to meet up because they feel like a celebrity?

kallie was definitely one of those people. with an incredible instagram account dedicated to fitness, motivation, and just all-around girl boss-ing, i've always looked forward to reading her posts and feeling empowered. i felt ridiculous being nervous to reach out to her, but when i did, she immediately put me at ease with her easy laugh and awesome sarcasm. 

this girl is one of the realest, sweetest, most down-to-earth humans i've ever had the fortune to meet. she teaches, maintains her fitness blog and instagram, goes to soul cycle on the reg... basically, she's a wonder woman. i quickly lost any apprehensiveness about meeting her the second she greeted me with a "HEYYYY", but that doesn't mean i'm any less inspired by this incredible lady.

even though it was December and freezing (and i wasn't the one in a sports bra and leggings!), i had an absolute blast laughing and shooting our way through downtown frederick, collecting awesome fitness shots. kallie showed me her favorite parking garage (yes, she does have a favorite, and i was in photographer heaven) and then we ate incredible burgers to warm up afterwards.