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kelly + jon | patapsco park engagement session

okay, so these two. i don't know how i get to work with some of the sweetest and kindest couples on the planet, but i do and i'm beyond grateful. beyond being the sweetest human ever in her emails, Kelly immediately agreed to the idea of an early morning time for her and Jon's engagement session. these two woke up at the crack of dawn to meet me in Patapsco Park, climb around the most random spot right off the road, fall a couple of times, get attacked by splinter bushes, all while being cute and silly and beautiful all at the same time.

and THEN, i heard Kelly say (at 7:30 am, it was great) "i could really go for an ice cream at the Charmery right now... have you ever been there?" i stopped in my tracks and said something like, "um, yes, ok let's go there. right now, i'm not even kidding, let's drive to Hampden." so we ended our shoot there -- unfortunately ice cream shops aren't usually open at 8am, but we still used the Charmery's iconic wall and got coffee at Spro down the street.

Kelly and Jon, you two are the greatest and i absolutely cannot wait for your wedding on November 4. thanks for absolutely rocking your engagement shoot and for being down for adventure!