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kevin + joanna | baltimore, md proposal

i literally could not keep my exclamation points to myself in my response to kevin's initial email asking if i was available to shoot his proposal -- first of all, PROPOSAL. secondly, he was planning to do it at my favorite favorite favorite view of my favorite favorite favorite city -- on top of Federal Hill in Baltimore.

i met with kevin a couple days before to scout out the location and go over details, and he was already practically shaking with excitement, so i knew how special Monday, January 16 was going to be.

i had the BEST time hiding out, trying to shoo away passersby who somehow waited until kevin + joanna were a hundred feet away to come up to his pictures hanging between two trees (that his amazing sister and friend set up based on his plans -- we snagged a couple preparatory shots! ;) ), and photographing the moment they promised forever. you two, i hope these past couple of weeks have been absolutely amazing -- congratulations and thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of something so dang special!