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killian + hernan | clipper mill couple shoot | baltimore, md

Killian and i walked to school together until we could drive; she was one of the first people i dragged in front of my camera; she's made me laugh at absolutely northing; until my sides hurt; we've had countless cooking-ice cream-movie-staying up too late nights over the past two decades.  

to be able to see her grow into the woman she is today -- strong, beautiful, courageous, hilarious, intelligent, witty, passionate, currently studying abroad in Cuba and doing incredible work -- and then to photograph her with the man she loves -- i can't look at these photos without the "feels". ;) Hernàn is one of the kindest and most driven humans i've ever met and i cannot put into words how much i admire and love this Salvadoran man.

they met years ago when Killian traveled to El Salvador for the first time, and after Hernàn's three-month long stay with her this past fall we explored the Woodberry/Clipper Mill area in Baltimore (near my favorite Artifact Coffee!) to give them photos to look back on in the coming months they'll be apart. i love the two of them so much it hurts.