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ready to make bomb images?!

me too.

Whether you're a ridiculously-in-love couple or a kick-ass brand or just an all-around-awesome human, I'm ready to tell your story and make sarcastic jokes while doing it. Not sure if you fit into one of those categories? Shoot me an email anyway, I'm down for all kinds of cool ideas.

Or if you're just looking for a coffee partner, hit me up because I was probably already planning on going to a coffee shop anyway.

photo by  erin krespan !

photo by erin krespan!


sometimes i'm social

(when i'm not introverting with a cup of coffee)

my absolute favorite is insta (@emmaweissphoto), but i'm also on facebook and you can always hit me up via email, emmaweissphotos@gmail.com!

i've got pretty digital magazines, lots of all-caps texts, and probably a couple coffee dates waiting for ya.

so fill out those contact forms or find me on social media to get this party started!