for the adventurous couple

you are:

  • explorers -- be it mountains, cities, deserts, small towns, you're always up for an adventure.
  • looking into non-traditional venues, liiike...
    • a coffee shop (hey, never seen it done but that would be RAD)
    • industrial warehouse
  • fine with a little dirt or rain on your day
  • absolutely, completely, madly in love and you JUST CAN'T WAIT TO BE MARRIED!

i am:

  • happiest working with happy people.
  • probably going to say "this will seem weird but it's going to look so cool" multiple times on our shoot.
  • usually experiencing knee pain after any wedding or session because of the amount of climbing and squatting and general body contortion I tend to do while photographing.
  • going to be chattering a bunch of sarcastic nonsense jokes that aren't actually as funny as they were in my head, so please just go with it.

images above by the amazing abbey moore!

i'm here to get excited with you, to plan with you, and to tell the story of your day so you can relive it again and again. it's an honor to be there on your wedding day and i do not take your trust in me lightly. let's laugh, cry, celebrate, joke, dance, and make awesome images together.