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photo by erin krespan!

photo by erin krespan!

i'm sarcastic, i had bangs until i couldn't take it anymore, and i wear a lot of stripes.

  • approximately 75% of the words that come out of my mouth aren't serious. i also TEND TO TEXT IN ALL CAPS A LOT -- apologies if it feels like i'm screaming at you. i just get excited.
  • i'm an INFJ so read this if you want a creepily accurate description of my soul.
  • cats are hilarious to me but i have a serious love/hate relationship with my own cat.
  • i looooooove good design and branding. minimalist, simple, geometric -- takes my breath away. and i love white everything (walls, tables, chairs, anything) to the point where it's a little embarrassing.
  • i have a very hard time spending money on clothes (unless they're striped), but the opposite problem when it comes to food and new restaurants/cafes.
  • i love starting my mornings with a workout / run / yoga, a bowl of oatmeal with ridiculous amounts of toppings, and coffee. always. coffee.

speaking of coffee... hi, my name is emma, and i am addicted.

  • yes, a whole block of my "about" page is dedicated to this magical, beautiful, sexy beverage (as is about 75% of my instagram feed).
  • i distinctly remember being seven years old and saying to my mother, "i will never drink that stuff." ha.
  • i firmly believe that choosing the right mug for my morning coffee is essential to setting the right mood for the day. so therefore i am the proud curator of an immense mug collection that will only continue to grow.
  • coffee-shop-hopping is my favorite way to explore a city (side note, Baltimore & DC coffee shop game is so.on.point) and coffee dates are my favorite way to get to know people, but something about working alone with the buzz of a shop around me is cathartic and productive and clears my head. (at least, that's my excuse for spending an inordinate amount of time and money there.)
photo also by erin krespan!

photo also by erin krespan!

(that's probably what you're thinking right about now. right? just smile, nod, and say "okay emma." that's how it usually happens.)