Emma Weiss Photo
Baltimore + DC based editorial and lifestyle photographer


mid-shoot photo by    erin krespan   !

mid-shoot photo by erin krespan!

hi there!

I'm Emma, a photographer, designer, and coffee-addicted art history enthusiast hopping between Baltimore and Washington, DC. I photograph editorial and lifestyle portraits, couples and brands, as well as a limited number of weddings each year.

You can usually find me in a museum, at a coffee shop, or wandering the city by foot. I’m an introvert, but these places are where I feel most in sync with humanity. Art galleries and art history reveal to me the fundamentality of human expression across time and space, which in turn allows me to observe and experience the buzz of a café, the bustle of city streets with curiosity and intimacy.

This is how I work as a photographer. I love movement, naturalism, and authenticity. While we shoot together, I above all want to make you comfortable in front of the camera so you can be yourself. From there, I create compositions with gentle prompting and ideas from your own movements and manners.


It is my goal as a photographer to show these intricacies that make you the unique work of art you are: a portrait of honesty, vulnerability, and strength that identifies both your individuality and your connection to a long history of humanity.


a bit more about me

That was a lot of philosophy, so let me back up and out and assure you that on top of all of that is a sarcastic, routine-loving but travel-hungry girl that spends way too much on coffee, pasta and hummus. So here are some random facts about me.

  • I firmly believe that choosing the right mug for my morning coffee is essential to setting the right mood for the day.

  • I have a small silver car, and her name is Edna, and she is very cute and sassy and zippy and bold and I love her very much. (Her namesake, for reference.)

  • Don’t ask to borrow my Micron pens unless you’ve built up years of trust with me.

  • It causes me physical pain to watch someone use their mouse to click Edit>Copy and Edit>Paste instead of using ctrl+c/ctrl+v.

  • I studied Renaissance Art History in Rome for five weeks in the summer of 2018, where I drank 34 cappuccinos, ate pasta 23 times, visited 13 museums and 20 churches, and walked 334 miles. I now think about Rome every single day. So if you’re looking for a photographer to wander that city with you, HEY.

that’s a post-art pre-pizza happy-in-Rome full-face grin.

that’s a post-art pre-pizza happy-in-Rome full-face grin.