2017 year in review | portraits + lifestyle

Yesterday I recapped the amazing weddings and couples I photographed in 2017, but I couldn’t finish a reflection on the year without sharing images from all of the portraits and lifestyle work I was able to do. I love shooting portraits just as much as I love documenting weddings and I think it’s because in all of it, photography is an honest art that documents humans as they are. It never fails to amaze me how beautiful people are when they allow their hearts to shine through their eyes and smiles and I am so grateful I have been able to document those moments and capture these gorgeous souls in an image.

2017 took me to countless coffee shops in Baltimore and DC, to a beyond amazing photography workshop in Colorado, to cities up and down the east coast and even to Tulsa in my first trip to the Midwest (to visit my beautiful friend). It challenged me in so many ways, teaching me how to (and how not to) balance this amazing thing I get to call my job and my undergraduate studies in design and art.

It was also the year I shot for three bloggers – Sarah, Meg, and Prerana – regularly, and while I still haven’t shared enough from our shoots together, I wanted to take a moment to recognize these three amazing women. It is incredible to be able to work with such creative, inspiring people consistently and there is never a shoot that doesn’t leave me feeling inspired and excited about what we were able to create. (There’s also never a shoot that doesn’t include some kind of laughter, either at ourselves or at other people who are laughing at us!) I could not be more honored and humbled (two words I seem to use a lot when I get sentimental) by their trust in me and their constant support, and I’m excited to share some of my favorite images we created together in 2017.

Thank you, all of you, for an amazing year. For allowing me to stop mid-sentence and mid-stride and put you in a spot of light, and for staying there patiently while I roamed around you experimenting wit that light. For doing all the “it feels weird but it looks amazing” things. For wandering down sketchy alleys and sidewalks because there’s a cool wall. For being yourselves in front of my camera, which I know (seriously, I know) can be so uncomfortable and hard at first. I love you all so much.

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